Design RIGHT from the start.

We funded this project and worked closely with Build Health International and their design partner, ADAPTIV, to complete it.

The objective of the prototype is to provide a template for the design, construction and sustainability of clinics being designed and built by our partners. The prototype addresses many of the issues that are common in clinics that were not designed or built properly, namely: patient flow and adjacency issues, improper construction materials or techniques, poor ventilation, lack of natural lighting, no design for sustainability (solar & rain H20 Capture) and insufficient, covered public meeting areas.

The prototype design is actually an outpatient clinic (exam rooms, lab + pharmacy) with a maternity wing.  So, partners planning an outpatient clinic can use only that portion of the prototype.

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"The prototype addresses many of the issues that are common in clinics that were not designed or built properly."

Clinic Design Partners

Proposed Prototype

Design RIGHT from the start.

The purpose of this prototype to help start the design process correctly and identify construction and sustainability options.  Site plans, detailed drawings & constructions drawings will have to be completed by competent architects and engineers.  We will be happy to provide the drawing and rendering files (CAD files) to partners that have a plan in place and funding for the design and construction of a clinic (including the hiring of a qualified architect). 

You can also use this template to develop a customized version of the design to support your clinic design & construction fund raising proposals.

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