improve health outcomes for the poor and UNDERSERVED

Upgrading clinics and hospitals for women, newborns & children in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Our funding contribution is multiplied over 3 times with matching funds from the Segal Family Foundation, donations of new medical equipment and funding for our biomedical program from the DAK Foundation and funding from the CRI Foundation supporting Community Health Worker Programs in underserved communities in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our Principles

  • We will focus on serving community-based, non-profit “grassroots” health organizations
  • We will listen to & learn from our grantee partners
  • We will work with "like-minded" collaborating foundations to help their grantees, learn from them and serve more of those in need
  • We will work with our grantee partners to Monitor, Evaluate and Enhance our programs
  • We will use 100 % of all contributions to fund our programs
  • We will remember that our work is to serve our grantees and the communities they serve
  • We will serve all regardless of race, ethnicity or religious affiliation

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Medical Equipment Program



“Each year, 2.9 million newborns needlessly die within their first month and an additional 2.6 million are stillborn.  The main causes, which are preventable and treatable, are complications due to prematurity, complications during delivery, and infection.”

The Gates Foundation

Design Prototype for Maternal Child Health Center

A prototype to help start the clinic design process correctly and identify construction and sustainability options.

Design RIGHT from the start.

Partners can use this template to develop a customized version of the design to support your clinic design & construction fund raising proposals.

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Featured Grantees

Providing access to quality healthcare in underserved rural areas

Integrate Health

Integrate Health is the only international organization providing life saving health care services in northern Togo. We support five health centers in the Kara Region of the small West African nation of Togo.


Mother Health International

Mother Health International is committed to reducing perinatal mortality rates by creating competent and sustainable birth centers using the midwifery model of care. They are located 20 miles south of the border from South Sudan in Atiak, Uganda.

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Clinic Design Prototype

Get your own copy

The objective of the prototype is to provide a template for the design, construction and sustainability of clinics being designed and built by our partners.

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Some recent updates from us:

New Biomedical Initiative

Counting Our Blessings

New Initiatives - The Gould Family Foundation

Maternal Newborn Health equipment shipped to Hope Through Health clinics in Togo

Child Relief international (CRI) helps fund 2 projects in Uganda

  • Act as a Catalyst

    Providing qualified,  community-led HEALTH NGOs with quality medical equipment, biomedical support, clinical training and Community focused health grants (Gap Grants).

  • reduce neonatal and maternal mortality rates

    Improve the health outcomes achieved at the clinics and hospitals we serve in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Clinic - Hospital Upgrade Program

    Providing prenatal screening , clean, safe deliveries and post-delivery care for mothers and infants in sub-Saharan Africa

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