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Improving health outcomes for the poor by providing quality medical & lab equipment, offering clinical training, biomedical programs and addressing gaps in existing health systems

Medical Equipment

  • Focused on Maternal, Newborn & Child Health
  • Grants Available for: Portable ultrasound machines, exam-delivery tables, OB-GYN delivery tools, neonatal resuscitation kits, sterilizers, incubators, radiant warmers, phototherapy devices, CPAP machines, operating room and laboratory equipment, diagnostic tools, patient beds, delivery beds...
  • All new equipment (except incubators), Lab Equipment procured from Human Diagnostics / Distributor


  • Perform preliminary facility and staff assessments
  • Review and approve proposed medical equipment deliverables
  • Install, calibrate, maintain, repair medical equipment
  • Train clinicians and biomedical staff on the proper use of equipment
  • Assist partner clinics or hospitals in establishing or improving their biomedical process and procedures (preventive maintenance, spares and reagent budgeting, proper power, H20 and infrastructure)

Clinical Training & Assessment

  • Prepare baseline Clinical & Management Assessments
  • Provide Clinical Training (Nursing Basics, Safe Babies, Safe Mothers, Pediatrics, Burden of Disease)
  • Prepare Post Training Assessment after each module to identify existing skills / SOP gaps
  • Retrain / Reassess / Repeat

Community Health Grants (GAP Grants)

Some examples include:

  • Delivery Subsidy Program – Free transport and delivery services for the most poor and at-risk expectant mothers
  • Tri-motorcycle ambulance grants (see photo right) to provide transport for expectant mothers to and from maternity center or to referral hospital. General emergency transport
  • Mobile Immunization Program - funding to establish cold chains, transportation (motorcycles) and nurse-vaccinators

See more information on grants.

The right equation.

Medical Equipment


Biomedical Support


Training & Assessments


Community Health Grants


Improved Health Outcomes

  • Act as a Catalyst

    Providing qualified,  community-led HEALTH NGOs with quality medical equipment, biomedical support, clinical training and Community focused health grants (Gap Grants).

  • reduce neonatal and maternal mortality rates

    Improve the health outcomes achieved at the clinics and hospitals we serve in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Clinic - Hospital Upgrade Program

    Providing prenatal screening , clean, safe deliveries and post-delivery care for mothers and infants in sub-Saharan Africa