Counting Our Blessings

This is the season to count our blessings. We, at the Gould Family Foundation, are thankful for the partners that help us in our work to serve the poor. We are thankful to the Segal Family Foundation for developing the excellent network of health partners that we serve and for co-funding the equipment, training and Gap Grants that we provide to our partners.

We are fortunate to have outstanding medical equipment procurement partners like Project Cure and Build Health International to acquire and deliver donated and new equipment to our partners. In 2018, the wonderful folks at DAK Australia offered to provide important biomedical products like sterilizers, ultrasounds and patient monitors, free of charge, to many of our partners. What a great blessing.

This year we reached an agreement with Lifenet International to provide a Clinical Training and Assessment Program for our partners. We appreciate Lifenet making their excellent program and team available to our partners.

 Vital Health Africa provided important neonatal training (Helping Babies Breathe) to our partners during the past several years. We thank them for their dedication and the quality and impact of their program. They will be missed.

We have the great privilege of working with excellent, non-profit, grassroots health NGOs in countries like Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Togo. We are inspired and motivated by the work of our health partners. They work in often very challenging and sometimes desperate conditions. Most importantly, they are improving health outcomes for the most poor and underserved in their communities. In a continent too often devoid of hope, our partners provide their patients and families with a path to better health, a better life and a hopeful future.


John Gould

Founder & Executive Director